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Posted by: demonlord09 - 01-10-2018, 01:55 AM - Forum: Apply For Membership - Replies (1)

reason to join i love this sever it has a grate coumunity
age: 14

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  ThatMotoKid612's application
Posted by: ThatMotoKid612 - 01-10-2018, 01:34 AM - Forum: Apply For Membership - Replies (1)


I would like to be a member because i enjoy the sever very much and would like to help out when i can. Plus im cool 

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  Becoming a Member
Posted by: Kanna Kamui - 01-10-2018, 12:42 AM - Forum: Apply For Membership - Replies (2)

Kanna Kamui STEAM_0:1:49330016

Ive been playing with a few admins tonight and they said i should join plus i also donate $20

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  I need help navigating the Monogatari series
Posted by: 『TXM』Xenon - 01-09-2018, 11:30 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (17)

Call me a weeb if you want, IDK, I just need help figuring out how I should deal with watching the Monogatari series. I found a chart
--First Season
Bakemonogatari (2009)
Nisemonogatari (2012)
Nekomonogatari Black (2012)
--Second Season
Monogatari Series Second Season (2013)
Hanamonogatari (2014)
--Final Season
Tsukimonogatari (2014)
Owarimonogatari (2015)
Koyomimonogatari (2016)
Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu (2016)
Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu (2016)
Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu (2017)
Owarimonogatari (Part 2) (2017)
Zokuowarimonogatari (2018)
--Off Season
Orokamonogatari (TBA)
Wazamonogatari (TBA)
Nademonogatari (TBA)
Musubimonogatari (TBA)
--Monster Season
Shinobumonogatari (TBA)
Yoimonogatari (TBA)
Amarimonogatari (TBA)
Ougimonogatari (TBA)
Shinomonogatari (TBA)
but I have no idea where I would watch the ones that have been released. If you guys could provide me with links/files where there is a neat organization system that would be great.

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Thumbs Down SaintLuther
Posted by: M-E-T-A - 01-09-2018, 09:35 PM - Forum: Member Chat - Replies (15)

@SaintLuther you've been acting like a jerk recently(2017). Dont reply and say "well your a jerk too." I act like a jerk sometimes to people who have pissed me off a bunch but you act like one 24/7 and not just to me. The other day you banned me for not making sense. Like what the fuck. I have never seen anyone banned for this reason. I was also making total sense. @UHC understood what i was saying. You also won't take away my fingerless and mute on TS. All I want is you to be nicer to people. You don't know what they are going through. For example, I am currently going through a rough time because my cat has a bunch of tumors and wont eat or drink and he will probably die soon. So me getting banned for "not making sense" just pisses me off even more. Maybe if you dont want to listen to me then maybe you should listen your own fucking words 

SaintLuther Wrote: Wrote:Storm loses his CP account, Advisors can no longer ban consultants, and Storm can no longer assign channel admin.
Picking on fellow members isn't funny.
I have no idea what rules on minecraft are, but I'm sure you broke a couple of them.

The second line in there basically says you shouldn't be mean to other members. This should go to all members who are mean to any other members. I know I'm also mean to some members so i will stop being mean to them.

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  furious george member application
Posted by: FuriousGeorge - 01-08-2018, 07:30 PM - Forum: Apply For Membership - Replies (1)

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:78237281
(Optional) Who were you referred by: no one i like the server

Why do you want to be a member? (doesn't have to be too detailed bought donor rank figured i better be a member lol 
and i love the server 

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  Cloud Ninja Member Application
Posted by: Cloud_Ninja - 01-08-2018, 11:31 AM - Forum: Apply For Membership - Replies (3)

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:47621176

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  Bouncy Castle for Sandbox
Posted by: TrueCrimson - 01-08-2018, 02:44 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (2)

Bouncy Castle

There is a jumbo one that should be restricted to admins only so they can spawn them for events only just due to their size. They do not crash or lag at all. We should restrict it to one per person or 2 just to limit people over doing it. Yes props bounce in them but it didn't crash my game when we did it. If someone does put a bunch in an admin would be on top of that anyways. We should just make it a rule where only people can use it. @SaintLuther should test it if you drive a car in it the car can bounce around. Defiantly do not give this to guests. I think this might be a fun thing to give to donators though. The Jumbo one is super fun to have but again should only be for events and the admin should pay attention.

There is a randomizer which can give you a really small one that you other wise wouldn't be able to spawn but and I don't think it works with the jumbo one but Saint can decide if that one is really needed.

I was not able to check the resizing tool so Saint should check that on.

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  4 TTT maps , 1 PH map and 1 tool for all servers (map suggestion + tool suggestion)
Posted by: SCMC - 01-08-2018, 02:39 AM - Forum: Server Suggestions - Replies (2)

this maps look nice

TTT maps

TTT Hugeproblem




PH map



This is a cool tool i found, but for it to actually work the servers needs to have it too.

Round Alert

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  ZS "supr dupr admin" application
Posted by: Dogesky - 01-08-2018, 12:14 AM - Forum: Apply for Staff - Replies (15)

What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on?
Zombie Survival

Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin.
I'm a responsible staff member, and I've been denied "supr dupr admin" ever since Jimbo promised it to me. I believe I'm qualified to receive it now considering my playtime and my ability to enforce rules properly.
(literally 90% of the ZS players excluding NOX fagits think that i'm the owner of LFG ZS, that's how rarely other staff come online)

Please describe any previous admin or operator experience.
Currently ZS Admin

Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the Rules forum?

[Image: 500552176856570909471e786b5ac181.png]

Screenshot was taken on a server @AlphaSavior was hosting for all of LFG and NOX Staff members.

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