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Lenny Face Gaming Donations / Rewards Program

[Image: blinglenny.jpg]

<iframe src="" style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 800px;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Manual/Automatic Donation

Click the Icon below, Enter the desired amount, check the recurring box (for monthly donations), and donate.

[Image: lfgdon8.png]

Rank Details:
  • Donator: Gold name in Gmod and the forums.
  • Premium Donator:
    • Ability to slap*, whip*, slay, explode, ignite, maul, shock and rocket yourself in Gmod
    • A purple name in Gmod and the forums
    • Access to Premium Playermodels
    • Access to Hat Positioner
  • Uber Donator:
    • All powers from Premium Donator
    • No Chat Censor
    • [rainbow] color tag
    • Your Own Teamspeak Channel
    • All Premium Player Models.
    **You must pay $5 every other month to maintain this rank or you will be demoted to Premium Donator and lose perks.

Server Specific Rank Details:
  • TTT Donator: Access to F4 Loadout menu
  • DR Uber Donator: Ability to always be Runner or Death
  • ZS Premium Donator: Immunity from Zombie Selection
  • ZS Uber Donator: +25 Worth
  • Sandbox: +25 Prop Limit for Donator, +50 for Premium Donator, and +75 for Uber Donator

Additional Info and Terms:
  • *Operators and Admins must wear tags regardless.
  • *Slap and Whip not available on Deathrun.
  • *Playermodel must be approved by myself. Make sure it's less than or around 10mb and humanoid.
  • If you have already purchased a tier, and want to upgrade, purchase that tier again, or one equivalent to the price difference. (Ex: Tiers 2+2=3, Tiers 2+3=4)
  • If you start donating monthly, you will unlock tiers as you reach them. Ex. $5/month means Donator right away and Premium Donator in 4 months.
  • You must be a Member to receive any perks besides points and ad immunity.
  • If you want to discuss any of the details, talk to me on TeamSpeak or PM me.
  • None of these perks except Tier 1 apply to DarkRP.
  • All donations are free-will and will never be refunded.
  • Your rank may be revoked temporarily or permanently by violating our rules.

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