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READ FIRST: Proper format for application
Create a forum account, and activate it by clicking the link sent to your email. After that, post a thread in the "Apply For Membership" forum that follows this format.

Steam ID:
(Optional) Who were you referred by:

Why do you want to be a member? (doesn't have to be too detailed):

Click this link to post a new thread in Apply for Member.
If you get a permissions error, it is because you did NOT activate your account. Check your email.

How to find your steam ID:
1) Right click your steam profile on steam.
2) Click 'copy page url'
3) Paste it on
4) Put the steam ID here.

You are required to get on teamspeak and talk to an Advisor, Consultant, or myself in order for acceptance.
How to Install and connect to our Teamspeak

How to register on the forums:
[Image: signup.jpg]

How to make a new thread with your application:
[Image: postthread.jpg]

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