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Official LFG Rules for DarkRP
General Rules

1. Do not exploit the game or attempt to crash the server.
2. Do not prop climb, surf, kill, push, block, trap or spam.
3. Do not disrespect players.
4. Do not argue with or disrespect admins.
5. Do not ask admins for money or items.
6. Do not RDM.
7. No not break NLR.
8. Do not mic spam.
9. Do not Fail RP.
10. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc. to get out of a role-play situation.
11. Do not sit to avoid RP events, or in KOS areas.
12. Cars may not be customized unrealistically. (LEDs sticking out randomly, etc)
13. Only Thieves can mug.
14. You may not kidnap (should've gone without saying)
15. No combo adverts
16. Do not avoid punishments or sits.
17. Job rules take precedence over other rules.

Combat Engagement Rules

You may only fire at someone if:
1. They are body blocking and you have warned them numerous times and they have persisted for over 10 seconds. (Except in urgent situations, the time may be lowered)
2. Someone is shooting, mugging, pick pocketing, raiding, or attempting to arrest you, or a member of your party.
3. If anybody Adverts Rape, Raid (on your house/base), or Terror.
4. It is within the rules of your job.

Building Rules
1. You must put a working keypad on both sides of a fading door within 1 yard each that last for at least 6 seconds.
2. A player must be able to enter and exit your building without having to crouch or jump over obstacles.
3. Only build inside of your base, with some exceptions.
4. Do not block off large parts of the map, or any place where NPCs are.
5. You may build in the bank vault only 2 minutes before the heist starts.
6. You may not build in an alley way, unless you own both buildings.
7. You must put a building sign up to prevent yourself from being raided.

Money Printer Rules
1. You may not have money printers in spawn, the race track, the bank, government buildings, or in public.
2. Money printers may not be hidden beneath indestructible, unmovable, or unghostable props.
3. Money Printers may not be on top of frozen in the air props.
4. They cannot be hidden or only accessible through locked, unowned doors.
5. You may not have money printers in bases that have building signs up.

Job Rules

Civil Protection, SWAT, and [VIP+] SWAT Leader
1. Police Forces may not refuse to do their job for any reason.
2. Police Forces may arrest players with illegal guns or contraband out in sight.
3. Police Forces may use any weapon they have available to them.
4. Police Forces may free-roam unless ordered elsewhere by their superior.
5. Police Forces must protect the Police Department and Mayor during a raid / lockdown.
6. Police Forces must protect the bank in the case of a heist.
7. Police Forces are NOT allowed to arrest hobos during a lockdown, since they have no home.
8. Police Forces must have reasonable suspicion to weapon check someone. (You see a gun or they claim to have one)
9. Police Forces may not raid without a warrant. This does not apply to buildings which do not require tools to search.
10. Police Forces can not take bribes. This applies to Rule #1
11. Police Forces may not own a money printer, that is fail RP.
12. Police Forces must occasionally go on patrol to search for Money Printers or other contraband.
13. Police Forces may only get a warrant on players conducting illegal activities.
14. Repeatedly Tazing or Sunsticking for no reason is KOSable.

1. Must follow mob boss’ orders, if not it will be considered fail RP.
2. Gangsters may only raid if the mob boss initiates the raid.
3. Gangsters can not mug.
4. Gangsters can only rob a bank or raid with the Mob Boss, Medics and Raiders.

Mob Boss
1. Mob boss must wait 3 minutes in-between raiding. (mob boss must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base)
2. Mob boss can rob the bank by himself or with gangsters. Only Medics or Raiders may assist you.
3. Mob boss must advert raid to raid.

Gun Dealer
1. Gun dealers can not sell any gun for over 2x its value.
2. Gun dealers can not become this role, buy a gun, and change roles immediately. That is fail RP.

1. Medics can heal people for free or for money.
2. Medics may help robbing a bank.
3. Medics can not become medic, heal himself and/or others, and change roles immediately. That is fail RP.

1. Mayor can make laws by putting it in the agenda and adverting the law (laws will not work if mayor doesn’t do both).
2. Mayor can make drugs, guns, or money printers legal.
3. Mayor can make CP Disrespect illegal (legal by default).
4. Mayor may not own money printers.
5. Mayor can build in the police department.
6. Mayor can not make self defense and licensed weapons illegal.
7. Mayor can call a lockdown and Purge.
8. Mayor can call the Purge for 5 minutes once an hour.

1. Hitmen may not kill unless a hit has been placed on them, or if it is self defense.
2. Hitmen can only complete hits. They may not raid, mug, etc.
3. Hitmen may not base.
4. Friends can not help the hitman complete a hit.
5. You must use the E system.
6. Hitmen may not pay people to give them hits.
7. Hitmen may kill the body guards of their targets.
8. Hitmen must advert raid if they lockpick in to someone's house to kill them.

Thief or [VIP] Pro Thief
1. Thieves can mug a maximum of $5000.
2. Thieves can not rob the bank with a mob boss or gangsters.
3. As a thief, don't pickpocket anyone in spawn.
4. When mugging, you must allow 20 seconds for them to pay you, before you kill them.
5. If they start running while you're mugging them, them, or don't stop running 5 seconds after you adverted, you may kill them.

[VIP]Serial Killer or [VIP+] Pro Serial Killer
1. You may only kill someone indoors.
2. You can only kill the same person once every 5 minutes.
3. You can only knock the same person out once every two minutes.
4. Prop Pushing, or attempting to glitch unconscious players is against the rules.
5. You must advert a kill before you knock them out.
6. You must knock a person out before you may kill them.

Car Mechanic
1. Do not become this role to fix your car and change role immediately. That is fail RP.

1. Guards can not take bribes to not guard the bank.
2. Guards can only kill someone for breaking laws in the bank, not outside.
3. Guards may not build in the bank, or anywhere.
4. Guards must remain inside the Bank, unless in pursuit of criminals.

Body Guard or [VIP+] Pro Body Guard
1. Body Guards may protect anybody other than the police.
2. Body Guards cannot break the rules if asked by their client.
3. Body Guards can be ordered to do illegal things, but will still face the same consequence.
4. Body Guard are "unhired" upon death.

[VIP] Rapist
1. Rapists can only rape the same person after one minute.
2. Rapists cannot own weapons.

1. Terrorists must advert terror to kill people.
2. Terrorists can jihad anyone while terroring.
3. Terrorists can only kill government (civil protection and mayor) with guns and explosives while terroring. If terrorists kill any other job, it is RDM.

[VIP] Osama Bin Laden
1. Osama must advert terror to kill people.
2. Osama can jihad anyone while terroring.
3. Osama can only kill government (civil protection, mayor, etc.) with guns while terroring. If Osama kills any other job, it is RDM.
4. Osama can only sell jihad bombs ONLY to terrorists.
5. Terrorists can only advert "Terror" every 2 minutes.
6. Osama may not randomly jihad.

1. Hobos must follow the Hobo King’s orders, if not, it is fail RP.
2. Hobos may not own doors, since they are homeless.
3. Hobos can base on the street as long as the hobo doesn’t block off a large piece of the map and/or NPCs.

[VIP] Hobo King
1. The Hobo King may not own a home or live with anyone.
2. The Hobo King can base on the street as long as he don’t block off a large piece of the map and/or NPCs.
3. The Hobo King can command all other hobos.

[VIP] DJ and [VIP+] Cinema
1. Do not play excessively loud media.
2. Do not play graphic or obscene material.

Lesser Raider or [VIP+] Raider
1. You must wait 2 minutes in-between raiding.
2. You must wait 5 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base
3. You can not raid the police.
4. You can be hired by anyone to raid, stop robberies, and rob the bank.
5. You may raid someone who is already being raided as long as you completely raid the base.

Clarification of Terminology
NLR (New Life Rule) - The New Life Rule states that once you die, you forget everything that happened to you. This means that, after you die, you don't immediately go back to the place you died.
Fail RP - Breaking the rules of your job, creating an unrealistic RP situation.
Body Blocking - Blocking a door or other entrance or exit using your body.
Raid - Breaking in to someone's base and killing anyone inside, stealing possessions, and destroying constructions.
Mug - Ordering someone to pay you money, or they will kill them.
Jihad - Using the Jihad swep
Admin Rules for DarkRP

All Operators and Admins must follow the DarkRP Rules as stated above as well as these.

Any rank is responsible for punishing themselves appropriately if they have violated any of these rules.

Admins and Operators may gimp/gag/mute players for violating the following rules:
Disrespecting players.
Arguing with you.

Admins and Operators may demote players for violating the following rules:
Breaking rules associated with that job.
Shooting while jailed.
Being AFK in a job that is at capacity.

Admins and Operators may jail or arrest players for violating the following rules:
Breaking NLR.
Avoiding punishment.
Prop abuse.

Admins and operators may kick player for violating the following rules:
Abusing Wire.
Repeatedly prop abusing.
Repeated RDM/RDA/Fail RP.
Repeatedly breaking NLR.
Excessive disrespect or harassment.
Arguing with you.

Admins may ban players at any time for violating the following rules:
Obscene amounts of prop block. (Up to 3 days)
Doing anything they got kicked for again. (Up to 3 days)
Excessive Wire abuse. (Up to 3 days)
Mass RDM/RDA. (Up to 1 week)
Hacking/cheating. (Maximum length)
Crashing or lagging the server. (Maximum length)
Avoiding punishment. (Up to 1 day)
Doing the same thing they got banned the last time for. (Maximum length)

Admins and Operators may not run any command on a player without their consent or reason.

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