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Official LFG Rules for Sandbox
Player Rules for Sandbox

*Do not spawn kill.
*Do not camp spawn.
Do not Mic spam.
Do not chat spam.
Do not hack or cheat.
Do not attempt to crash or lag the server.
Do not exploit the map.
Do not Prop Kill.
Do not Prop Push.
Do not Prop Surf.
Do not Prop Trap.
Do not Prop Block.
Do not obstruct other player's movements in any way, including NPCs.
Do not block train tracks.
If you spawn a dupe or create an item that is causing lag, remove it immediately.
Do not argue with admins.
Do not excessively disrespect or harass players.
No inappropriate sprays.
Do not spam explosives.
*No killing players in vehicles while in !buildmode
*No killing players while invincible in any way.
Do not kill players in vehicles with overly-wide props attached to them.
*Do not use PAC3 or E2 to gain an advantage in combat in any way possible.
Do not use PAC3 or E2 to obstruct player's movement or vision.
Do not use PAC3 or E2 to play loud sounds.
Do not use PAC3 or E2 to depict inappropriate content.
Do not use PAC3 player model scales above 2.
Do not use Props, Entities, or E2 to remotely kill players. (Drones exempt)
Do not use E2 to interfere with other player's contraptions, bases, or their selves.
Do not use E2 to target players without their consent.
Do not grief players who are building.
Do not spawn props or entities randomly throughout the map.
Look both ways before you cross the street.

* denotes rules that do not apply to Sandbox 2

Base Rules:
You may prop block to build a base.
You may never build a base at or around spawn or in 7eleven.
Bases must be in an enclosed and secluded place.
Do not use an exploit to enter another player's base.
Do not prop drive into a player's base.

Clarification of terms:
Prop Kill - Using a prop or other entity to damage another player.
Prop Block - Blocking portions of the map to prevent entrance or exit by other players.
Prop Trap - Using props to obstruct or prevent a player's free movement.
Prop Surf - Flying with or standing on a prop which is not connected in some way to the map.
Spawn Kill - Killing players inside the spawn zone.
Spawn Camp - Killing players momentarily after leaving the spawn zone.
Admin Rules for Sandbox

All Admins must follow the Sandbox Rules as stated above as well as these.

Any rank is responsible for punishing themselves appropriately if they have violated any of these rules.

Admins may not run any command on a player without their consent or valid reason.

Do not use administrative abilities to gain an advantage in combat.
Do not look at a player's E2 without consent or a valid suspicion that it is malicious.

Admins may mute or gag players for violating the following rules:
Disrespecting players.
Unjustly arguing with an Admin.
Spamming mic/chat.

Admins may slay, jail, or kick a player for violating the following rules:
Prop Kill/Block/Surf/etc.
Buildmode abuse.
Spawn kill/camp.
Excessive disrespect, harassment, or arguments.

Admins may kick players for violating the following rules:
Abusing PAC3/E2.
Lagging the Server.

Admins may ban players at any time for violating the following rules:
Repeated Spawn kill/camp. (1 day)
Avoiding punishment. (1 day)
Repeated prop push/kill. (2 days)
Repeated PAC3 abuse. (2 days)
Obscene amounts of prop block/trap. (3 days)
Hacking/cheating. (Maximum length, get evidence for extension)
Crashing or lagging the server. (Maximum length)
Crashing or lagging other players. (Maximum length)

Players who continue to violate rules should have their punishments or ban length gradually increased.
"Repeated" means they have already been punished with a lighter punishment first. Never ban as a first punishment unless it qualifies.

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