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Official LFG Rules for Jailbreak
Player Rules for Jailbreak

Game Rules
Do not disrespect players.
Do not argue with admins.
Do not mic or chat spam.
Do not use inappropriate sprays.
Do not ghost unless the player is AFK.
Do not assist the opposing team.

Guard/Warden Rules
Do not RDM.
Do not give orders that cause Prisoners die.
Do not work against your team.
Do not camp vent or armory for more than 30 seconds at a time.
Do not gunplant.
Wardens must give new rules every round and may not extend rules from previous rounds.
The warden is the only player to give orders and set rules, unless he gives another guard permission.
Wardens must repeat an order if you spoke incomprehensibly or a player misunderstood.
Wardens must give commands using a mic; text commands should be disregarded unless there are no Guards/Wardens with mics.
If a Warden gives an order which breaks a rule, prisoners will not be breaking said rule while following the order.
Guards/Wardens are not allowed to open vents unless they see a Prisoner inside.
Crossfire on accident is not RDM if the the cop is trying to kill a rebel.
If a Guard/Warden spams the cells, it’s an automatic free day.
If the cells aren’t open by 6:30, it’s an automatic free day.

Game Rules
Officer/Wardens must explain each game if requested.
Games that involve killing prisoners for no reason are not allowed.
You may not kill more than half of the prisoners in opinionated games.

Prisoner Rules
Do not delay.
Failure to obey orders or attacking a guard/warden is considered rebellion and is KOS.
Do not needlessly ask for orders to be repeated.

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