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Looks like another loa for me
Heya, so my cat decided to chew up my charger overnight and now its broken, so looks like another who knows how long Loa from me. 

Getting sick of this shit.
come back soon

[Image: 76561198183902451.png]
[Image: tumblr_n3xtx0c8ni1smvdlso2_500.gif]

Jason says bye dade
[Image: 12919-1-1275526513.jpg]
@Materia I love when people include their signature in posts
LFG ZS is the only good server because members rarely get online
So, an update.
I found a listing on Amazon that listed a 100-240V charger with a plug that fits my laptop, so I ordered it. And big fucking surprise, they, once again, send a 100-160V charger. I swear it's like they're a pack of monkeys with no brains.
Oh, and when we called to complain about it, not only will they not replace it, they won't even refund the full price of the product. Cuz it's totally my fault for expecting the world's largest online store to send the right product, right?
Well, I'm done ordering shit from Amazon, cus the rest of the things I saw on there were out of my price range, so I gotta wait til at least next week til I get paid again, and this time I'm gonna go to an actual electronics store and get the right charger. So my LOA is extended to at least an additional week, possibly more if I have no luck.
(09-24-2016, 09:01 PM)Zellogi Wrote:  Well, I'm done ordering shit from Amazon,

eBay > Amazon
This wouldn't have happened with eBay.
Only difference is with eBay you might have gotten a pickle instead of a charger though Saint.
(09-24-2016, 10:09 PM)Professor Wrote:  Only difference is with eBay you might have gotten a pickle instead of a charger though Saint.

Ignoring that you're wrong;

Which one is more useful in this situation?
Obviously the pickle.
Well, this one hasn't blown up quite yet, but probably because I'm alternating between running my laptop plugged in and running on battery, to prevent the AC Adapter from getting too hot.

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