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Revoked Admin App For sandbox
What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on?
Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin.
I want to be a Admin of Sandbox cause I always find people that are disrespecting ,prop blocking,killing,etc I always do vote kick(or ban) and obviously people don't vote, and I think they need to get a punish (warn,kick) for their disrespect on the server (breaking the rules) and I think that is not fair for other players that try to have fun on the server and I am always on literaly always on the server I think those people that break the rules need a punishment for ruining  others people fun
Please describe any previous admin or operator experience.
Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the Rules forum?
yes I do
[Image: 032b362f7c02e9e00a58f89fe817793b.jpg] Huh 
+vouch he follows the rules and would be a great admin.
<Insert Dank Meme Here>
+vouch helps and does not run around and kill people. Just mostly builds and help with admin stuff.
[Image: 76561198183902451.png]
I'll give my vouch as well. Sckoot has shown himself to be responsible, and isn't one of those mindless players that just run around killing people.
[Image: 2a2e738228.gif]

Accepted as Admin of Lenny Face Gaming Sandbox.

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