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Accepted EpikHentaiQueen Application for Operator
What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on?

I would like to be an Operator for Deathrun.

Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin.

I love gaming with all the people on the server, whether they are part of LFG or not. I am on everyday of the week and mostly on during the late hours of the night. I want to help keep LFG's Deathrun fun and peaceful, stopping those would try and ruin the fun for others!

Please describe any previous admin or operator experience.

I have never been an Admin or Operator, but I have had leadership experience from my previous Gaming Community on Xbox one and Xbox 360.

Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the Rules forum?

I do agree with the rules stated in the Deathrun Rules Forum.
[Image: f34ccfce7b9646a38b03b2b8046a74ff.png]
+1 Vouch: Reason: Girl<3..All jokes aside, Epik is always on the server and knows the rules well. She would make a great Op
[Image: i_love_russell_classic_round_sticker-r6d...vr_324.jpg]
I'll vouch for her. She's been quite active on the server, never breaks the rules, and is overall a positive person and I believe she would make an excellent Operator.
+1 Vouch. Is a funny, And active player that likes to enforce rules. Ready for operator
[Image: flashing_cel.gif]
+1 Vouch same as @Zellogi
+vouch Terrible at Prop Hunt tho
Prop Hunt Admin | Deathrun Admin | Jailbreak Operator | Zombie Survival Admin | TTT Admin
[Image: RSXY6Yr.gif]
I know she doesn't really want me to but I will anyways. Epik is a great member of our community and is an amazing person all around, she treats everyone fairly and is a delight to spend time with. I give my vouch for her becoming an operator because she deserves it and would never abuse it, plus she is a considerable amount better at Deathrun than I am anyways Tongue
+1 vouch is very respectful and knows the rules. Good luck!
[Image: GOD.gif][Image: GOD.gif]
+1 vouch is a Lovely, Active, Funny person who knows how to follow the rules. Great for the Staff.
[Image: l3vRfNKgv3LkGIoM0.gif]     Swift Approves Wink
Accepted as Operator of Lenny Face Gaming Deathrun.

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