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Denied Demon's Sandbox Admin Application
What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on? I want to be admin on the sandbox server

Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin. I want to be an admin on this server since i love the server. And i play on it a lot. And i plan to play a lot more since i have a lot of spare time. Also i regret resigning on this server before since, there is no other server like this that is good. And when i resigned i did it because i knew i was going to be gone for a long time due to a lot of things that needed to be done in my life. And i am back , and next time something like that comes up. I will just post a leave of absence and then be back. I also know the rules by heart, and have dealt with people in the past.

Please describe any previous admin or operator experience. I have been admin on Lenny Face Sandbox Before

Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the Rules forum? Yes i agree with the rules
+vouch You were friendly to me and helpful to others on the server during the time I played with you, and you seem to know the rules very well.
[Image: 07ad00c8636a3f2cd23b2470b175f393.png]
You were a good admin before you resigned, but I'll need to see you on more to make sure you're still dedicated.

*edit 5/16*

I haven't seen you on at all the last couple days, so I'm changing my vouch to a -1.
[Image: 6552240be4.png]

- vouch was plus vouching you but havent seen you in like, a week.
I don't think I've ever seen you before. I've been an admin for a couple months now, meaning if I haven't seen you on then you haven't been on much. I'll keep it neutral for now. Get on some more and we'll see.

Starting to become more active and respectful player
[Image: 220?cb=20160518071822]
-vouch, you just started getting on again, I think you need more time
█░█ █░░ ░▒▄▀█░ ▀█▀ █░░░█ 
▄▀▄ █░▄ ▒█▄▄█▄ ░█░ █░█░█ 
▀░▀ ▀▀▀ ░░░▒█░ ░▀░ ░▀░▀░ 
-Long Gone-
Old Admin of Sandbox, Old Operator of TTT
-vouch Haven't seen you at all recently.
- vouch what everyone said about inactivity
[Image: 76561198183902451.png]
Only half an hour in the past week. Denied.

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