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Lightsaber force leap
Some reason when you press control it doesn't neglect fall damage  and it doesn't stop you from taking damage can you fix that and while your at it can you make the force leap take less energy because it's quite a fun way to travel
Yes it does, are you pressing it once or are you holding it down? 9 out of 10 times holding it down negates all fall damage for me.
[Image: 07ad00c8636a3f2cd23b2470b175f393.png]
The falling damage was somehow broken when the attack on titan weapons were re-added. If you really wanna negate fall damage, just switch to the 3dgear before landing, since they negate fall damage just from being held.
Also you can negate the fall damage by switching modes to the one that blocks attacks and hold right click
[Image: ENsXt.gif]

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