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Gmod Changelog
2/8/18 - Uber Hats

Uber Hats have been added. The concept is the same as Uber Playermodels; they are an add-on item for Uber Donators, you can choose your own from the workshop, and it will be exclusive to you.

You may have as many Uber Hats (or Uber Playermodels) as you want.

Uber Playermodels have also been improved to make it easier to switch between multiple models; just select "Modify" and chose the model you want. The process is the same for Uber Hats.
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2/19/18 - More Mapvote Fixes

Not being able to vote or see updated votes after a player who voted and disconnected should be fixed. Along with other fixes in this update, there should be no more bugs.

Because this update was fairly large, there may have been unintended changes to mapvotes, RTVs, and map extensions, so if something doesn't seem right, post a reply.
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