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Sandbox Changelog
9/5/17 - New Tool and Maps

Added two new maps: Added new tool:
Track Assembly Tool
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9/13/17 - Drone Restriction Updates

Made the following changes to the drone restrictions:
  • G-P.R.O. Drone restricted to admins due to being able to crack players' keypads using the Multitool.
  • Walker Drone unrestricted for Donators of any tier.
  • Crucifier unrestricted for admins.
  • Defender unrestricted for everyone.
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9/26/17 - CSS SWEP Replacement

The old CSS SWEP pack has been replaced with this one.
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9/27/17 - Various Fixes

Rainbow Drone is now fixed for donators.
Half Life 2 Ammo should now be spawnable like normal.
Use of the duplicator tool to spawn restricted entities has been fixed.
Various props added to the prop blacklist.

If you find a prop (not an effect) that you feel should be blacklisted, message me and I will take a look at it. Effects have the green circle thing.
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10/7/17 - New Tool, E2 Core, Vehicles, and SWEPs

The following has been added to Sandbox:
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10/24/17 - New Maps

The following maps have been added:
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11/5/17 - New Maps and Tool

The following maps have been added:
Tank Track Tool has been added

The previous 3 maps have been fixed for the mapvote.
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11/26/17 - EGP Limit Changes

The following map has been added: Construct 15

The following E2 Convars have been changed:
wire_egp_max_objects to 1000 (was 300)
sbox_maxwire_egps to 10 (was 5)
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12/26/17 - New Vehicles

The following vehicle packs have been added to Sandbox:
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what happened to construct15?
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