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Deathrun Changelog
This thread is for me to post significant changes that have been made to Deathrun so that players know what has been added recently and can keep up to date. You may reply to this thread only if you have experienced a problem with an update, wish to suggest something related to changes posted here (If it's completely different, post it in Server Suggestions), or have meaningful feedback on a change.

6/18/17 - Round & Grenade Changes
2/10/18 - Gamemode Overhaul
2/11/18 - Changes/Fixes
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6/18/17 - Round & Grenade Changes

Rounds now have a 20 minute time limit, and the first round will not start until 60 seconds into the game. This means slay rounds are no longer necessary. Grenades have been limited to 2 throws, eliminating grenade abuse.
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2/10/18 - Gamemode Overhaul

Deathrun has been converted to a new and more advanced version of the Deathrun gamemode.

Most everything from the original Deathrun and been converted, such as Uber Force Team, !RTD, Ghost Mode, etc.

With the new Deathrun comes the following features:
  • Ability to run the course on your own when the server is  empty
  • Ability to customize your crosshairs
  • New thirdperson which prevents seeing through walls
  • Mute players and run ulx commands on them by clicking their name on the scoreboard
  • Better bhopping
  • Stats
  • Spectator team for AFKs (force players to spectator by clicking their name on the scoreboard)
  • Better CS:S weapons
  • Subjectively better HUD
  • Unstuck command (may be restricted/removed in the future)
  • Runners no longer have sprint (this can be readded if desired)
  • Deaths have a set sprint to 500 (also can be increased/decreased)

You can configure the crosshair, change force team, and other settings from the !lfg menu (or press F2)
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(02-10-2018, 05:31 PM)SaintLuther Wrote:  [*] Runners no longer have sprint (this can be readded if desired)

Can we get sprint back or a speed powerup that gives you that 50 speed difference?

Also can you make it so in ghost mode when you press space bar while on noclip you go higher, so you dont have to aim up and press W to go up
                                                      [Image: tumblr_mvtlckOfUX1sc1kcfo1_250.gif][Image: flamingtext_com_1469646164_300725942.gif]


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(02-11-2018, 02:41 AM)SCMC Wrote:  Also can you make it so in ghost mode when you press space bar while on noclip you go higher, so you dont have to aim up and press W to go up

You mean when spectating?
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(02-11-2018, 12:52 PM)SaintLuther Wrote:  You mean when spectating?

When you type !ghost after you die
                                                      [Image: tumblr_mvtlckOfUX1sc1kcfo1_250.gif][Image: flamingtext_com_1469646164_300725942.gif]


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2/11/18 - Changes/Fixes

The following changes and fixes have been made to the new Deathrun gamemode
  • Fixed Scoreboard admin actions on non-staff members
  • You now change spectate mode (first person, third person, free cam) with reload (R key)
  • You can now go up with jump (space key) in spectate mode and while noclipping in !ghost mode
  • Set base speed for Runners and Deaths to 260
  • Runners can now sprint to 300
  • Fixed leaving !ghost mode and returning to spectate mode
  • Converted spectate command to ULX and added unspectate command (fspec and unspec)
  • Players now get a notification to unspectate themselves if they've been forced to spectate
  • (re)Added 60 second timer after the map changes for players to join. Players will be able to run the course while they wait
  • Fixed AFK detection, will move players to spectator after they're inactive for 60 seconds
  • Disabled death avoidance detection (more annoying than useful)
  • Fixed deaths getting guns on family_guy_final2, let me know if any other maps have this exploit
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Also not sure if this fall under the better cs: s weapons, but all grenades can only be thrown once now. Just a heads up.
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