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My bad joke gone horribly wrong
I seriously pissed all of you admins and operators off with a Joke prank thing I pulled/ I wanna just say, I did have full intention of banning myself a full week ASAP. I'm sorry you all see me as an Unfit operator and accept the punishment Saint wants to deal. I really just want to apologize and since I know I succeeded in fooling Apekis into unbanning me (just so I could prank) I want to apologize to you the most. 

I hope I'm not removed from the community or anything like that, I would love to continue playing with everyone, hopefully, with no serious repercussions other than seeing you all as a PremiumDonator-member again. I really screwed myself over to a point of no return and I hope I haven't lost all of your trust and faith with me. 

Below is my Information for my own report against myself: Do what you see reasonably fit towards my position.

Which Server: GMod TTT number 1
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:175396410
Your Steam Name: §8☯§0LFG§5☯§7Kirito

Below here is a list of the people I owe apologies towards:

Apekis: caused you the most controversy by tricking you over web admin chat to unban me. I really feel horrible for having you do that and hope you can forgive me. I did really only mean it as a practical joke, but I carried it too far and had full of intentions of banning myself again from the start. I want to apologize for bringing you into this

SCMC: Was gonna be my first pranked because he was a friend on steam last night of the ban and he coulda done it and I woulda messaged him the truth to reban me. I almost caused as much problems for you as I did for apekis and I want to apologize for even thinking about bringing you into involvement.

SALTe: This one is made to you because I made it your obligation to tell Saint about my actions and it was really uncool of me to lie to fool you all in the start. I'm sorry.

FreshPrince: I didn't tell you about my ban last night or earlier just so you wouldn't tell apekis and ruin my prank. Although you offered to unban me yourself, I didn't tell you my id because Of the problems I had already put into motion.

Arcade Fox & HunterBoomer: Sorry I had to take the fun out of us three operating together and hopefully I will get to be more useful as a member. I won't pull a stunt near this bad ever again or probably lay low for a while so we can still hang out as friends online. Sorry for threatening our friendships with the controversy I caused. -_-

Doctor Syndicate: For consistently meming you after you asked me to stop. And just all around pissing you off with my annoyance. Maybe when I get demoted or something I will change my ways and get along with you more like we did in the beginning.

Charlemagne: I'm apologizing to you for earning your friendship and trust all for it to blow up like this. 

SaintLuther: For causing so much hate and controversy on your server and consistently making you annoyed and cross with me on several occasions.

Manlord & Guest idk: Apologizing for participating in RDM rounds with you guys late last night in the first place causing this whole ordeal. (Basically apologizing for RDMing with them in the 4 man lobby last night)

I hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive me and earn my trust back after pulling a stupid stunt like this. I hope I get to see you all soon after this and will likely be demoted or resign from my position as staff. I feel really guilty and horrible for fooling several of you and trying to make it up to you guys after. I didn't want any backhanded apologies or fake ones so I spent about 5 mins thinking how I wronged if of you in this ordeal and wrote it down. Ig Ill see you all when my ban is released.

Also, If I'm miraculously not demoted already, I hereby resign from My Operator position on Trouble in Terrorist Town of Lenny Face Gaming. I will like to remain a premium donator member of our community and play more games with you all to rebuild friendhsips I have broken.
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No need to apologize we were just screwing around the other night, I'm not mad. If the other guy had a problem he would/should of reported you.
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I am not mad i'm, just confused on why you didn't make a ban appeal.
I knew the ban appeal wouldn't go right seeing as it would wind up in the bowl with all the other midnight RDM fests and be upheld anyway no matter who says what. I shoulda been mindful of my karma but at 712 karma, 2 inos killed + 1 T still is >600. I didn't want to post it when I knew the outcome was to be upheld.
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Kirito I'm mad at you, I dont think any admin is mad at you, probably just dissapointed in you right now. You dont have my trust right now because you kinda lied to me, but you can earn it back
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what did he do?
(07-13-2017, 06:17 PM)Fulmine Wrote:  what did he do?

He literally wrote an essay about what he did. Are you blind?
(07-13-2017, 06:31 PM)SaintLuther Wrote:  He literally wrote an essay about what he did. Are you blind?

(07-13-2017, 06:31 PM)SaintLuther Wrote:  He literally wrote an essay about what he did. Are you blind?

I did all my brainstorming revising and editing, just like my English teacher taught me Smile
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Its JuST a pRAnK bRUH jUst lO0k aT THe CAMerAS hErE herE HeRe aND HerE!
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