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Poll: Should I be unbanned for not getting warned?
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1 33.33%
2 66.67%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Upheld A Ban Appeal
Your Steam ID:
Your In-Game Name: [LFG] BlackComos64
Server you were banned from: Sandbox
When were you banned?: 4:00 PM
Who you were banned by?: Bunny
Why were you banned?: For proppushing but no one would leave me alone so I was trying to push them out of the way... They kept destroying my airplanes when I was trying to drive it... It got annoying
Why should you be unbanned?:I got no warning... He just vote banned me... It aint fair when I don't get a warning... I wont do it again... ;/
- vouch You prop pushed so you deserved to be banned
No i dont... no one would leave me alone.... Its not fair.... how about you think what i said
So lets get this straight
You get mad at people breaking rules so you prop push them?
Stay banned
Relax, I be a Doctor
Unfortunately for everyone of us here, I'm still alive and Not dead
Dude... Relax... I will just wait for my ban to be over.... How about you take a chill pill? That would help alot! Smile

And I didn't get warned so the ban wasn't fair....

I really dont get whats wrong with this community... I am banned for 1 hour not permanetly banned! Smile
Wait it out, it's just an hour. This wasn't even worth posting. You handled the situation incorrectly. There were other solutions available to you, but you chose to break rules you already knew existed seeing as how it's explicitly stated in the loading screen, as well as common sense. Consider yourself lucky it wasn't an admin that banned you; most admins would have banned you for 24 hours instead of 1.
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