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Unban me from twitch and report on abuse forum owner
I didn't know that the overlord was that E.T looking thing

so i should be unbanned because LFG has no twitch rules and it's rude to just hit me with a ban also this can be considered abuse since i was banned for "blasphemy" which is in fact a lie.

why is a lie you may ask?

well to explain blasphemy is the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.
[Image: B0yGd.png]

on my time in LFG i never not once have talked down about the gospel of Jesus Christ infact i have only spoken good about God

Meanwhile the definintion of Overlord is a ruler, especially a feudal lord. while that sounds all high and might, a Overlord doesn't compare to God.
[Image: UYhyh.png]Also saint abused the ban reason for blasphemy as demonstrated with @ThePope 
[Image: G9TZi.png]
When pope never said anything profane about God

In exchange for abusing pope i think he should be given instant Advisor rank

And also unban me on twitch.

and why do people get warned for spam accounts and alts, etc... on forums? as far as i can see there are no rules against that
[Image: Ck5zc.png]
there is no forum rules at all so the warning system is clearly abuse and just self made rules.
on LFG @The Overlord is the equivalent to god
Relax, I be a Doctor
Unfortunately for everyone of us here, I'm still alive and Not dead
Use common sense, don't spam, don't create alts, etc. Those are the rules of the forums.
Thread closed and spam binned for saying @ThePope should get instant advisor rank.
[Image: 6552240be4.png]


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