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A mute mic glitch
So someone was talking an awful mic and I attempted to mute him manually, but when I click the mute button by his name, it didn't work. keep in mind, it wasn't just his voice after a few seconds of being muted, he was still audible as though I didn't mute him.

Here's a screenshot:
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Nothing we can do about that except maybe @SaintLuther to implement a command that clientside mutes.
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It works for me. I know this for a fact because I have to mute everybody who isn't an admin so I can actually hear the game.
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Once you mute someone you need to wait for them to stop using their mic for even a brief second, after that you wont hear them again. Going to assume that he never de-activated his mic.

This isnt something @SaintLuther can fix, this is a clientside error.
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