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A problem with Sandbox.
Recently we have had a thing happening on sandbox that turns your screen either black,blue,purple. At first we thought it was a E2 or a pac. We checked the E2's nothing showed up and we cleared pacs from all players and waited 20 mins to make sure it was a pac effect. We still had the problem of it being 1 of those 3 colors. The only way to fix this is to reconnect or change the map. Even then it still comes back. Other admins have experienced this problem before too, like @Saito Hiraga. I have become to believe its the server but not the map because different maps do it too. I'm just wondering does anyone know why this is happening. 

also i tryed to post a image, but it refused.

Some pics:


one of the e2 list:
[Image: 76561198183902451.png]
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At the moment this happens, you should be looking in the console to see who's spawning what to see if its the server breaking or someone spawning like a mass color changer or something idk.
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