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Denied Charlemagne Back from Irma Sandbox
+vouch. Is on a lot more now and knows the rules well. He helped me out a lot when I was a humble user.
 [Image: R2Zwn.png]     


+vouch. Helped me resolve a problem on sandbox and he keeps watch of the server.
[Image: 76561198183902451.png]
(09-22-2017, 10:59 PM)Bengis Wrote:  -vouch only seen on sandbox 3 times and when he does get on he gets mad over stupid shit and screams "IM GONNA REPORT YOU!!!!!!!"

What the heck are you talking about @Bengis ? I've never even had this experience with Charlemagne. The only time I've experienced this is from @Comrade Anthony...
-vouch is really quick to get angry. he gets angry over dumb things. isn't on that much either
(10-10-2017, 04:47 PM)Takumi Fujiwara Wrote:  -vouch is really quick to get angry. he gets angry over dumb things. isn't on that much either

Hey Buddy @Takumi Fujiwara ,

How would you know though, because you're hardly online and when you are, you're AFK!

Help me out here...

Warm regards,

im gonna go ahead and update my -vouch to something more suitable and something that will actually count

-vouch you get angry really easily and really fast, you get angry over stupid things that could easily be fixed, or something someone did that you did not like. You need to learn to control your anger before you are given more power, because people do stupid things when they get mad (like @maddman01 did), especially those who get mad really easily like you. You are also a dick to me most of the time which is why I do not like you.
[Image: lil-pump-gucci-gang-giphy-1.gif?fit=480%2C270]
I know I'm not an admin on sandbox yet but to be honest you do get angry easily.
Seems fine to me... is he getting mad at dumb people maybe?
Denied. Doesn't meet time requirements.

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