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Repealed banned for having swastika signs
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46793965 
Your In-Game Name: [LFG] orange
Server you were banned from: Sandbox
When were you banned?:10/9/17
Who you were banned by?: FallenDj122 [LFG]
Why were you banned?: for having swastika signs

For some reason fallendj122 started getting mad that I was spawning in swastikas and told me to remove them or I would be kicked. After he removed them with his tool gun I put them back up since there is nothing against the rules for being racist or for having swastikas. He kicked me after I told him "I will not bend my knee to you boy," and I did the same thing but this time I put up burning crosses as well as swastikas. fallendj122 told me to remove them or I would be banned to which I replied there is nothing against the rules for having burning crosses or swastikas but in his defense he called it arguing with a admin and banned me. I really don't see how this was a problem because barley anyone was on and there was nothing in the rules stating that I could not spawn these things or be racist.

Pictures of the swastikas and burning crosses:

Pic of kick and ban:


other vid will be up when after I wake up 

hitler did nothing wrong
[Image: VYLr1jW.jpg]
Okay. This is happening way to much, Can we get a rule on the MOTD saying racism is allowed? Still going to say +vouch. As hitler did nothing wrong.
Hes probably a lefty
[Image: AKtiU.gif]


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