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Sora's depart.. (Read)
Well, I think its about time I get this under way. I'm sure from the title, some of LFG thought this is for good. Well, not exactly. I will be resigning from the LFG TTT Operator position and declining in activity pretty heavily. I've been declining already gradually. I will be preparing my last 3 high school years to get ready for this SAT. I'm shooting for Valedictorian and studying for bumping my GPA up by participating in more in classes, going to tutoring even if i dont need it, and tutoring other kids myself to learn from their mistakes.. Also, my depression is getting worse. I am beginning to imagine things and hallucinate and become a bitter person. I'll be making an attempt for the next 3 years to make myself advanced. For now, this isn't goodbye. It's a see ya later thing. I wish to keep my current donator rank. And will possibly be on periodically. 

I will see you all soon hopefully!!! Good Luck in everything! 

(If this happens to become a permanent LOA as explained above, I will do mentions of my time here with everyone.)
[Image: tumblr_m83lx38t1O1qmd20so1_500.gif]
Noooooo. You were the first Admin/Op I met on LFG. I kinda feel bad though, you always tried suggesting stuff and it got disregarded as spam even though most of it was serious. Stop on the server from time to time if you want to.
Praise the Overlord!
(10-12-2017, 09:28 AM)DarudeDankstorm Wrote:  you always tried suggesting stuff and it got disregarded as spam even though most of it was serious.

He's always been suggesting bad ideas though, so they weren't really even spam. Examples:
More Rankings for the forums to encourage rulebreaking.
Unbanning Undead Sniper or as he's now knows as @M-E-T-A.
This Idea whatever it was, too lazy to read all of it. 
Pictures in Chatbox like wtf are you retarded, it would be flooded with spam then. Just post a link to the picture instead of the picture itself.

For someone with a "172" IQ, you sure had a lot of shitty suggestions. Sucks you're leaving though, you weren't that bad compared to other people, you just shitposted a lot.
[Image: AKtiU.gif]

Come back soon Dark 172 IQ chair weebman, what will we do without all your weekly shitposts Sad
                                                      [Image: tumblr_mvtlckOfUX1sc1kcfo1_250.gif][Image: flamingtext_com_1469646164_300725942.gif]


(10-12-2017, 10:50 AM)SCMC Wrote:  what will we do without all your weekly shitposts Sad

We will be very happy.

I hope that 1-4 year range is reduced to something more like 1-4 days.
And you definitely could use the tutoring, maybe someone can teach you the basics of Java so you can do something as simple as a FizzBuzz. And please don't tutor any children, we don't need any more idiots in this world.
@Dark Swordsman  I'm going to go ahead and call BULL SHIT on taking 3 years to study for SAT's... There is nobody I know that studied that long (esp. non-stop). I also had horrible SAT scores (like the lowest you can get), wasn't valedictorian, but still got instant acceptance to a reputable school regardless of how shitty my application was. Check out:

It's also not that hard to get valedictorian considering high school is pretty much a joke these days anyways, and college is almost worse. 

I'm just so bitter about college at the moment. I fell in the trap of thinking I need a degree when everything I have "supposedly learned" can be learned on the job. I just found out that the president of my university makes almost $400,000 salary PLUS another $60,000 in housing allowance per year. How can anyone accept that position that is allegedly promoting student welfare when there are countless students that can't even afford text books???

Also, you can't work/study 24/7 as you're still going to need some "free time" to recover. Everybody says they have no time, but that's just an illusion.

You're saying you can't even spare an hour a day, or a couple hours a week to get on LFG??? That's BS!

I own my own business, go to college full-time, have a weekend gig part-time job, and I can make some time to get on LFG.

In short, what I'm trying to say, is just tell the truth instead of bull shitting us. If you're wanting to spend more time with friends/family or other games then just say so instead of shit posting...

In a nut shell, don't GO! It's hard to find good people on here, and I didn't even get the opportunity to know you yet!!!
Now we can all give thanks to @The Overlord for this blessing.

No point in getting valedictorian, the people who review college applications get just as hard when they see a 4.0 GPA, and tbh just follow what @ajphandalf. said.

If this is a useless shitpost and you come back in a few days you should be banned. up to saint
[Image: 07ad00c8636a3f2cd23b2470b175f393.png]
good luck @Dark Swordsman / @Post Whore, like SCMC said come back with a 172 IQ. and remember, y-1/-3 = X.
[Image: 1350182299835.gif]
I slept very often in my AP class and never studied, bombed every test. and the week before the AP exam i casually read through a Kaplan book, and passed the AP exam. For SAT just take the PSAT then get a approved SAT study book and dissect it for like a month or 2. 1-3 years is just unreasonable

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