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Upheld False Ban
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79535519
Your In-Game Name: BladeShadowMood[LFG]
Server you were banned from: Lenny Face Gaming Sandbox
When were you banned?: 10/13/17
Who you were banned by?: It was a vote ban and I think [LFG]Ancient, DarienFyre,[LFG]penguin. One of them. 
Why were you banned?: For prop, push and lag, It was actually another person on server. 
Why should you be unbanned?: I honestly tried to mind my business and someone was abusing so I vote kicked and no one voted, I guess I was the only witness. A total of three people on the server spoke on mic about vote-banning me for 5 days, with no reason I think that may have been the cause.  Old huh  
First of all you didn't try to mind ur own business since you had a e2 prop killer following Darien around with you prop trapping him and second of all you were warned not to use it but you continued to use it after you were told not to after being given multiple warnings and decided that it would be a good idea to combine the props into one causing the server to lag
[Image: VYLr1jW.jpg]
You deserved this ban. "minding your own business" doesn't mean getting involved in everyone else's.
-vouch, "trying" to mind your own business doesn't warrant breaking the rules. Please take your ban time to reflect.

Edit: You should receive the MAX ban for attempting to lag/crash the server with prop spam as seen in @"AdolfHitler" 's post.
Appeal denied, as a member you should know an E2 called "Prop Kill Madness" is obviously against the rules, even if it doesn't work as intended. Using vending machines and combine computers as the props makes it even worse, as you could have caused severe server lag. Not only will I deny your appeal, I extended your ban to a week from now for abusing E2 thanks to the evidence provided by @AdolfHitler. Take this time to carefully look over the rules and reflect on your poor decision making.
[Image: AKtiU.gif]


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