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Bounty system exploit to find out who is dead and who is alive (TTT)
As the title says there is a glitch with the bounty system on TTT, on which if you try to bounty someone dead (confirmed dead or missing in action) there wont be any message appearing on the chatbox unlike when you try to bounty someone new "this person is too new" or when you successfully bounty someone ex: "SCMC has placed a 666 bounty on SALTe"

So by abusing this glitch you can basically find out who is alive and who is dead anytime. 

here are some screenshots of the glitch when  i tried doing it on @TrueCrimson 

FIRST PIC: charlemagne is dead an unid as you can see
[Image: C4818877AC501F0CE3A4736122505A4804FC6D32]

SECOND PIC: i try to bounty Charlemagne
[Image: F8747222EA304BBA4D7FB1FCE4C379B94BA759F1]

THIRD PIC: nothing shows up on chat after trying to put a bounty on him
[Image: 751286C64D164ADE5EEC7D6343546E626D380CBD]

FOURTH PIC: shows charlemagne being missing in action once again
[Image: 001EE1080F78BEBAC3E4B68F406F8F84E74B8422]

I dont think many ppl knew about this exploit but it should get fixed anyways
                                                      [Image: tumblr_mvtlckOfUX1sc1kcfo1_250.gif][Image: flamingtext_com_1469646164_300725942.gif]


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I think we should make it put the bounty title come up no matter what.
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