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ZS Vanilla Project
Nah not all, just the zombie that did the most work, or if that's a pain to add, you could just do a random player to become boss.
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So I've been connecting to other ZS servers to look for good addons, though most of the ones I've found were custom coded. I'll try my best to find add-ons that are already on the workshop, but if I can't find anything, I'll start making suggestions that are custom coded (if that's fine with you saint.)
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#13 Finally an add-on that doesn't require custom coding (probably)

It adds 3 new weapons, I'll list their damage and what I think a reasonable price for each of them should be.

Bumper - 40 Damage, 40 Points, (Don't add in worth menu)

Electro Hook - 50 Damage, 40 Points, (Don't add in worth menu)

Ladel - 20 Damage, 15 Points, 10 Worth

I'll probably find something else in another 5 months.
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