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Reduced benji was bed
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:97622657

Your In-Game Name: [LFG] Benjamin

Server you were banned from: TTT 1

When were you banned?: 12/29/2017 2:00 am ish

Who you were banned by?: Console

Why were you banned?: Low Karma AutoBan

Why should you be unbanned?: It was me, the lesser eevee, and Sherb. The three of us were dickin around and they wanted to to kill them, which I did, which got my karma low and I was just not gonna kill for a few rounds. A round after that I shoot a barrel with nobody else near it and it launches another barrel far away and low and behold, it explodes and takes out Eevee bringing my karma below threashold. I was being dumb and didn't actually intend on killing anyone but it happened anyways.
+Vouch This. Basically what happened during the first incident was that me and Eevee wanted to get burned to death in the kitchen traitor trap on bowling. Benji brought in a barrel and blew us up. Not exactly what we wanted but we still asked him to kill us and we both forgave him afterwards. As far as I know the second incident is how he said it was, but Eevee will have to clarify that.
+Vouch as well. The barrel traveled clear across the hallway in a huge ricochet to hit me. He should have been more careful with that low of Karma but all parties were consenting and forgive. I think he learned his lesson and doesn't need to stay banned. Silly Benji.
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From what I see, +vouch for reduction. Gotta be careful with that kinda thing.
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+vouch same happened to me once, he done nothing wrong. Be careful next time
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I'll reduce your ban to 12 hours from now.

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