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Official LFG Rules for Prop Hunt
Player Rules for Prop Hunt
Do not ghost.
Do not hack or cheat.
Do not exploit the map.
Do not abuse !stuck.
Do not disrespect other players excessively.
Do not argue with admins.
Do not mic spam.
Do not repeatedly switch teams to avoid playing a specific team.

Clarification of terms:
Ghosting - Using a third party method of communication to reveal details about the game. (Steam Chat, Teamspeak, in person, or psay)
Mic Spam - Being annoying on the mic.
Exploiting the map - Going to a place that is not possible to be killed by hunter's bullets.
Admin Rules for Prop Hunt

All Operators and Admins must follow the Prop Hunt Rules as stated above as well as these.

Any rank is responsible for punishing themselves appropriately if they have violated any of these rules.

Admins and Operators may gimp/mute/gag players for violating the following rules:
Disrespecting players.
Arguing with you.

Admins and Operators may slay players for violating the following rules:
Exploiting the map. You must warn them before slaying them.
Abusing !stuck.

Admins and operators may kick player for violating the following rules:
Repeatedly exploiting the map.
Excessive disrespect or harassment.
Arguing with you.
Repeatedly abusing !stuck.

Admins may ban players at any time for violating the following rules:
Excessively exploiting the map.
Excessively abusing !stuck.

Admins and Operators may not run any command on a player without their consent or reason.

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