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Report on Chandler
Server: sandbox
My steam ID:STEAM_0:1:42800275

My steam name: [LFG] UHC 3.0

Their Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:65016854

Their steam name: Chandler {} Main: Victor

Chandler did a voteban on someone named omar which passed. he didn't give a reason for it and the kid wasn't even doing anything.
I was there when this happened i can +vouch the child was not doing anything he just banned him because he was young
[Image: kttcE.gif]
This is clear voteban abuse as the guy did nothing wrong (two people I talked to, on top of what @卐Demonik1卐 said all matched up), so I unbanned him and banned @Victor_the-_- for two days.

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