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Repealed prop push
Which Server: Sandbox 
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105323725
Your Steam Name: [rainbow] [LFG] Demonik1
Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:21850646
Their Steam Name: [LFG] Ajphandalf

I was doing a consented prop push war with senpai spook and ripjaw, then i was banned, and i was the only one banned too even though ripjaw and spook were in on it, so obviously this is a targeted attack
[Image: kttcE.gif]
I was there and everyone consented to the battle, idk why he was banned
Yes I did consent and I propkilled both demonik and senpai and yet I was not banned while Demonik propkilled me and was instantly banned for it. Unban him.

1) Please show me in the rules where Prop Push is allowed (consentual or otherwise)
2) Demonik Prop Pushed/killed Ripjaw before he could provide "consent" and even publicly apologized for prop killing too soon.
demote aj he gag spook for no reason
The rules state that Admins should not immediately go to the maximum penalty for breaking rules. You never kicked or warned him, just immediately banned him. Therefore @卐Demonik1卐 will be unbanned.

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