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ZS "supr dupr admin" application
What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on?
Zombie Survival

Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin.
I'm a responsible staff member, and I've been denied "supr dupr admin" ever since Jimbo promised it to me. I believe I'm qualified to receive it now considering my playtime and my ability to enforce rules properly.
(literally 90% of the ZS players excluding NOX fagits think that i'm the owner of LFG ZS, that's how rarely other staff come online)

Please describe any previous admin or operator experience.
Currently ZS Admin

Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the Rules forum?

[Image: 500552176856570909471e786b5ac181.png]

Screenshot was taken on a server @AlphaSavior was hosting for all of LFG and NOX Staff members.
[Image: 07ad00c8636a3f2cd23b2470b175f393.png]
Although I am not of the authority of a supr dupr admin (or higher), I believe that it's time to promote someone to this rank. In my eyes, Dogesky is the ideal heir to the title.


@Le Sad Lizard is unable to reply to the post himself, but would like to make a statement. Due to the circumstances, a screenshot of his reply has been provided.

[Image: lwg79.png]
LFG ZS is the only good server because members rarely get online
(01-08-2018, 12:14 AM)Dogesky Wrote:  Screenshot was taken on a server @AlphaSavior was hosting for all of LFG and NOX Staff members.

I told you it wasn't taken on LFG
I asked alpha about it and he confirmed it was from his server after checking old chat logs. I thought something was wrong because I didn't have an Operator tag and @RustledJimmies  didn't have an admin tag.
[Image: 07ad00c8636a3f2cd23b2470b175f393.png]
+support, even tho im not staff on ZS and i don play on ZS that often, i can tell that this man haves the qualities that a ZS supr dupr admin needs, unlike the rest of the ZS staff (at least most of the old ZS staff) this man isnt just any furry, he is a supr dupr furry that has surpassed @apekis the great furry lord.

I can tell he is a good admin from the times i have played with him, he never abused and followed the rules
                                                      [Image: tumblr_mvtlckOfUX1sc1kcfo1_250.gif][Image: flamingtext_com_1469646164_300725942.gif]


+vouch Every ZS staff quit so give this man supr dupr admin for his dedication.
The air is too spicy
+vouch My friend Dogesky deserves this position. He has been playing ZS for a LONG LONG time and he really needs to be promoted due to him enduring the countless amounts of children breaking rules, and crying on ZS. I believe he should be promoted because, there is no better candidate than him. Please give my friend Dogesky this position he desires.
+vouch it is clear that @RustledJimmies's role should be passed on to @Dogesky. This man has clearly emerged as a ZS leader (because everyone else is lazy) and should therefore be given that rightful role. In addition, he is also a supporter of Turkish Imperialism. Finally, he has been a good friend of mine for many months now and for this reason and all aforementioned reasons in this and other posts, he should be granted the coveted rank of "supr dupr admin."

I'm faintly familiar with how zombie survival works and wasn't dogesky an ex-admin? he's awesome and doesn't break rules. + support

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