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TTT Events
So in this game mode one person spawns with a knife. Their goal is to knife someone. When they knife someone that person re-spawns with the knife and they are then it. I do not know if we want to add guns or not since people would then RDM so I say no. But the game continues till the end and who ever has the knife at the end of the round loses. If you are knifed you have to knife someone else. I think you should get a slight speed buff but you can also throw the knife. This game mode should move much faster.

Just like stalker but the difference is there is only one killer. He gets special jump powers till he kills one person. Then he goes back to normal abilities. This is kind of like ZS from what I hear. If you are knifed you them become a killer. You the T's will always re-spawn and the goal is to survive to the end. Yes I know this is like stalker but in this the infected is seen and turns people to his team.  

Please post your ideas or changes you think might make these more fun. Saint has already said he can code these easily. Yes these are like murder but I have some ideas of fixing that event to improve the speed of that.

To make infected more fair I guess he could invisible for just 1 kill but then he is revealed he just needs advantage to obtain one kill. No I guess we should know who the kills are to avoid RDM.

So some confusion. The infected would be like Call of Duty infected. You just live for a certain period of time. I guess we could add time to it but it is like the call of duty one. So if we want to make it even closer to that then the infected gets a gun for his first kill then he gets a knife after.
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