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Reduced Char abusing as per usual
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53281643
Your In-Game Name: [blue] [LFG] Geth Pyro
Server you were banned from: TTT1
When were you banned?: 9:05-9:10 pm 1/21/18
Who you were banned by?: Charlemagne
Why were you banned?: "mASS RDM"
Why should you be unbanned?: Because I only killed him once on purpose on an event round, he's grasping for straws to get me banned. Reasoning he has is because I killed a detective and him on the same (event) round, the detective i killed was a total accident, as I was trying to kill Eevee, by sniping scoped in, and kitten walked directly in front of me, getting herself a nice headshot. Then later in the round when someone was camping a hard to get to spot, I decided to fuck around because its an event round, and I hear char screaming his head off because someone had apparently killed him, so I decided I'd join in on the fun as a secondary event of sorts, but I only got to knife him once before, the round ended, but not before he was flexing his E peen everywhere yelling "DO IT AGAIN, SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!" Then the round ended and he said "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!" Then is afk for half of the next round formulating an evil scheme to get me banned. May as well disregard vouches on this since you know the C(har)D(efence)F(orce) is gonna be on this like moths to a flame. 

Image of the nice ban screen

Also a good idea would be to revoke admin-ship of char, as he seems to be very biased in the way that he handles matters. not being biased makes for a really good staff, but one that holds prejudices against certain groups of minorities is more inclined to abuse his power (and flex his E peen).

Killed me twice as you can clearly see and admitted to knowing what he was doing was RDM and didn't care.
Only two RDMs have been proven, so I will reduce your ban to 2 days.

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