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Approved Deathrun Overhaul Suggestion
So, before I get started, yes I'm making a Deathrun suggestion. We need to revive Deathrun because it's actually a fun gamemode when there's a lot of people on it (Not saying others aren't fun, but we only have three active gamemodes out of seven). So with that being said...

I'm suggesting we overhaul the entire gamemode, to this version of Deathrun. It has more features, the physics are more fluid (less chance of your bhop being ruined by an invisible bump), and a new fresh HUD that displays your health as a number instead of a bar so you know exactly how close to death you are and whether you can survive a tick damage trap or not. Most of the added things are also built in, like button claiming and ghost mode (maybe, haven't actually been able to test it), but there's new features as well. They include:
-Leaving as a death will force your next round when you rejoin to be a death (not sure if the uber donator perk bypasses this or not)
-An !unstuck command, in case you spawn inside of a wall (lol @Phil)
-Autojump speed cap: Ez mode bhoppers won't be able to bhop as fast as mouse wheel bhoppers.
-More options in the client sided menu, now triggered with F2 instead of F1.

And before you say this isn't free, it actually is. The creator posted a link to the github in the store page so it's 100% free; he only asks you to buy it if you believe it's worth it, or if you wanna fuel his coffee addiction. The github, for anyone who wants to test this gamemode, can be found here. Read this if you don't know how to install gamemodes manually.

I believe this change would be beneficial to the server and possibly attract more players. Whether this is added or not, I will still continue my attempts to revive Deathrun.
Overhaul Deathrun?
(16 votes total)
15 (93.8%)
1 (6.3%)

Shame I cant fit 3000 +vouches into one post.

YES! we to overhaul DR, I have played on a test server with this implemented and it was a lot better than our current DR server. We should get rid of the!unstuck command though, @Phil isn't allowed to get out of walls.

[Image: 07ad00c8636a3f2cd23b2470b175f393.png]
(02-05-2018, 08:37 PM)Dogesky Wrote:  

But on the main topic, I miss deathrun. It is what got me into LFG, into gmod. I would be great if the server came back.
I really like this suggestion since deathrun is the first game mode i started playing when i first got gmod and like @Wayne its also what got me into LFG. But the upgrade itself wont revive deathrun, so i think we should focus more on getting people to play deathrun. Reviving deathrun might make some old members come back and it might bring @Ripjaw back as well.
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