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More Emoji!
So @Creeper and I require more emoji.

Ideas so far - @Creeper said maddowns and box. popcorn I will not give full credit to him.




9-11 (Saint find a way)


Please post any other ideas down below.
More Emoji
(12 votes total)
F*ck Yes
10 (83.3%)
Hell No
2 (16.7%)

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I only vote yes if we get :mango:
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I will make a poll for the really good ones if Saint wants. Although Popcorn is not negotiable.

We need Cucumbers and Peeled Bananas. AJ has demanded them. Plus we need them anyways.
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How about some of the popular twitch emotes, like :kappa: :pogchamp: and :residentsleeper:
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(02-06-2018, 01:39 AM)Zellogi Wrote:  How about some of the popular twitch emotes, like :kappa: :pogchamp: and :residentsleeper:

Get the chrome plug in, kappa everywhere, or somethsom like that. Also what is the resolution for emojis for the forums?

Res is 20x20 with transparent background
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I'm feeling we need some gay emojies to really round out the emojies and LFG...

Like the rainbow flag
Egg Plants

Guys holding hands like the android apps

We need more diversity in LFG! Smile
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When Demonik made his suggestion saint said 20x20 so I guess that @Geth Pyro
[Image: XNyc9I4.png]

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[Image: tumblr_inline_n3d4bg2PQU1s1rp5i.jpg]
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(02-06-2018, 01:45 AM)M-E-T-A Wrote:  We need a black emoji
here is gay emoji for AJ

TheseTall seem shit, but a trihard emote would be nice I think
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