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name change
We should make name change free again but you can only change it every three months.
(13 votes total)
ah ya man for sure
7 (53.8%)
6 (46.2%)

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how about its free every 3 months but can be changed sooner for lfg points?
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Well it was changed for a reason (@Nuggets, @Takumi Fujiwara and @Dark Swordsman) and i wouldnt like seeing someone changing their names everytime they can like @Takumi Fujiwara
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Not gonna vote yet but like @SCMC said it was added for a reason. But 50k points for something that small is absurd
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How about we don't change a system that doesn't need changing, and instead make good suggestions.
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how about we change it to you can change it every 6 months and you buy it with lfg points to change it sooner
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Why do we need to change this @Zellogi is right, this is a functional system that does not need to change. 
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