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Accepted Bartholemue's shot in the dark.
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What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on? 

Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin.

I have 4 days worth of playtime in the server and play pretty much everyday. i have well over 8 hours in the past week and i think actually have 8 hours marked in just one day during this week. At the moment i am home schooled and i will be 16 as of next Tuesday so i have pretty much all the time in the world. I have been banned once for a very debatable reason and and besides that have only gotten in trouble from a admin that i have gotten multiple private messages stating that my actions might have been punishable but they do agree that hes a very harsh and targeting admin who has also (to my relief and im sure many others) has been demoted for inactivity. I try not to be to much of a rule breaker and actually act as much of a admin as possible when there are none on at the moment. In fact, just yesterday I kicked 2 people for prop push when there were no admins in sight. I have met with multiple admins and ex-admins and have asked them if i should apply for admin ship. I have gotten a generally positive review and so i have decided to take a shot in the dark. 
Please have mercy on my soul.

Please describe any previous admin or operator experience. 

I was a trial admin on a different sandbox server called "eggs sandbox" for a week while a part to LFG and was a admin on a darkrp server called "Canadians turf" before joining LFG. So about 3 days worth of admin time spread out on different servers.

Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the Rules forum

Yes. I will follow them as fairly as possible.

btw the pac i was using is no longer in service on LFG. i still have it but i will only be using it when in private games with my cousin
Neural vouch since you seemed fine last time I talked to you but I have seen you cause problems. When my LOA ends I will make sure get on with you.
Neutral for now, you're a pretty chill person, but you do tend to follow random players around with your praise the overlord pac, which has awful sunbeams and screen shakes, and some players may find that annoying.

Changing to a +1, he's helped enforce the rules and has stopped using the annoying PACs, I say give him a chance. He's super active and follows the rules.
like i said that pac is no longer in use and that was just yesterday and yesterday only
if it makes you happier i can get rid of it all together
and also i seem to get a generally good response with the occasional complaint of it being too loud which i plan on fixing tommorow

found people asking me to show them so ended up using it anyways. got rid of it all together.
Was playing with him earlier and was helping catch rule breakers. Has a passion for the server and has some admin qualities in him.
Admin of Sandbox
[Image: 61GQK.gif]
no one else? its been a week.
-rep cant wait until saint views his staff app
[Image: tumblr_inline_n3d4bg2PQU1s1rp5i.jpg]
(02-20-2018, 03:32 AM)bartholemue Wrote:  no one else? its been a week.

staff apps take longer than you may think. sometimes you wont get many responses for a while.
ok. didn't know. all the other sandbox apps I saw usually took about a week and had double the amount of admins vouching, + or -.
Accepted as Admin of Lenny Face Gaming Sandbox.

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