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Report on Dick Chocolate
Which Server: Sandbox
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:156487427
Your Steam Name: §4[LFG] SlaveMaster =}
Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:53555494 
Their Steam Name: Dick Chocolate


This guy was flying around in PVP and he was invisible while shooting at people...

I have talked to [CMD EX]- [Ds] Samuel, who said he did do it to kill a couple times told me that this is not e2 or hacking but a glitch with the brooms, on which you can get on the broom and it somehow makes you invisible and you can shoot off of it. I don't know how it works but Samuel then showed me, and it is certainly the broom. I talked to @deucedemon22 and he said that he knows that there is a way to make yourself invisible with the broom, he just doesn't know how.. I talked to Samuel and he said this: "im pretty sure the broom is the only thing that can make you invisible and make a model of yourself"  apparently doing something like this makes you invisible, and able to shoot off of the broom. This also might explain how Knuckles a user in my recent report was able to fly, Report: . Even in the video knuckles was standing still before he flew in a certain part, this is probably as he was spawning in the broom (just a guess). Either way we might want to keep an eye out for the brooms or get rid of them as a whole, i'll have to look more in to it.
[Image: 65a.gif]
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Yeah. Kinda obvious he was getting a advantage via exploit. Maybe a week or longer ban. And can you make brooms Member+ ?
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