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Indefinite LOA
Have been feeling a bit bored with LFG recently. Gonna take some time and hopefully I'll want to be more active.

Adios for now.
"GOD i hate black people no homo"
     - George Washington, 1779

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Come back soon son
                                                      [Image: tumblr_mvtlckOfUX1sc1kcfo1_250.gif][Image: flamingtext_com_1469646164_300725942.gif]


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adios my nibba, see you soon
[Image: tumblr_inline_n3d4bg2PQU1s1rp5i.jpg]
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Hope to see u again soon batdad
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NO Who will be my new partner in crime? I miss you already.
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We will be waiting for your return, <3
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I still need to succ you George I’ll miss you
[Image: 1350182299835.gif]
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