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Repealed banned for killing people who are in buildmode in their ecars
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46793965 

Your Steam Name:}˥Ⅎפ} pixel

When were you banned?: 3/1/2018

Who you were banned by?: [LFG]bartholemue

Why were you banned?: killing people who are in buildmode in their ecars

So you know I am playing on the sandbox server basically ramming people in my combine apc. Bart tells me not to ram people working on their cars so I don't but the thing I don't get is that I can't ram people who are driving their cars??? Literally tons of people since I joined have rammed their cars into each other but now its a problem when I do it? wtf Course after 20 mins of being jailed I decided to shoot rockets at people who are in the cars that explode then I get banned for killing those people because they are in buildmode
[Image: MC4iYuy.gif]
You should not have been banned for doing this, i watched the video, it is not against the rules to blow up peoples vehicles in the first place, you should be unbanned.

We should also fix the fact that you can be killed while in build mode if you are in the simphycar, im sure its a custom script that can just be edited. If not then im sure theres other ways to fix it
[Image: kttcE.gif]
Actually they were in build mode and it is against the rule to grief people who are building (technically they are building) and it is against the rules to kill people who are in build mode while they are in there cars. if you would like you can jump on now and talk to the 20 different people who said they would be my witness. thankyou. goodnight. i'll be on tomorrow.
(03-02-2018, 02:53 AM)bartholemue Wrote:  and it is against the rules to kill people who are in build mode while they are in there cars.

I think you need to re-read the rules if you think this is in the rules, but there should be a rule on the lines of something like, "no exploiting a way to kill people that are in buildmode"
[Image: kttcE.gif]
Pixel has unfortunately been unbanned because no rules were actually broken. If anything, the players in buildmode driving simfphys vehicles could have been breaking a rule, if they hit anyone with the vehicle, as that's killing while in buildmode, which is a real rule, unlike whatever @bartholemue came up with. And no, driving a simfphys vehicle does not count as building, as they simply spawned the vehicle in, and started driving. They didn't build the vehicle.

On a related note, I'll look into the lua for simfphys and see if I can find where it kills the player while in a vehicle when it explodes, and see if I can edit it to force eject instead. Can't guarantee I'll be able to find it though.

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