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Banned for killing people.
Which Server: Sandbox #1
Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:235905088
Your Steam Name: Silly Goose
Their Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:200192782
Their Steam Name: [LFG] Big Cummie

Description of offense and evidence (screen shots, logs, etc.):

Votebanned me for 1440 minutes due to "griefing"
because I was killing players.

The ban message:

[LFG] uberchargedgamer was present and active on the server when he started the vote.
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yes @Big cummie was in the wrong here. pvp on sandbox is allowed and killing other(unless in build mode) is allowed. In fact about 90% of players on sandbox prefer killing over building. I dont know if @Big cummie is more of a ttt player but he is still in the wrong.
[Image: 76561198183902451.png]
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Wow. Uber needs to chill. I've recently got to know him. If i can, I'll have a talk with him on a friend to friend basis and see if I can get him to chill.
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Sooo was it big cummie or was it uber because in the thread you say it’s big cummie but bartholemue is talking about uber like it was him, or is bartholemue just being retarded

More on topic you should be unbanned and big cummie should lose member powers
[Image: kttcE.gif]
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@Silly Goose was already unbanned, and it was @Big cummie that did the voteban. @bartholemue is just retarded and thinks @uberchargedgmr did it because he was mentioned at the end as "being present when he started the vote".

I also went ahead and gave @Big cummie the ban he gave @Silly Goose for voteban abuse. Whether he loses his voting rights is up to @SaintLuther but I think he should because he also tried to votekick @uberchargedgmr beforehand for no reason.
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I revoked voteban/votekick from @Big cummie on Sandbox
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