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Wow guys! just in time! Op App.
Heyyy just in time for me to be demoted I'm back!!!! What a coincidence! (it kinda is ackchualLY!)

What server do you want to be Admin or Operator on?
Trouble in Terrorist Town Operator.

Please give a detailed reason why you should be operator or admin.
I was a particularly successful and good admin previously on the server for like 1 and a half years. I know the rules, when to enforce them, and I can think on my feet while admining. I feel as if I'm ready to return, and I've beyond proven myself a capable staff member.

Please describe any previous admin or operator experience.
Previously admin on TTT for a good long while.

Do you agree to the admin rules stated in the rules forum?

Yee son of course.
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+vouch awesome friend and great ex-admin he is great with the rules and enforces them too
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I wasn't around when he was active as staff, but he is showing a desire to still be staff. He has been messing around with me and that was kinda annoying sometimes, but otherwise he doesn't RDM and he doesn't break rules. George has been talked about as being a pretty good admin and I'm willing to throw my vouch in the ring for George if he is here to stay for a while and provide us with some good staffing.

He has been on more frequently and has shown seriousness to the position after being re acclimated to the server and settling back down. He is a good choice for staff and would be good to have him back on the team. Respectful and fun to play with, I would want him back in a heartbeat even if I hadn't been around during his past staffing time.
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+vouch is and has always been my dad. Really really really good at staff.
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+1 vouch, was a great admin and could become a great admin again
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+vouch Wash getting demoted was a big blow to the server that left a power vacuum. He has clearly demonstrated that he is back now and able to re-dedicate himself to the server. Great guy and great staff.
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+vouch great guy and was a great admin. We need him back.
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+support was a great admin before he got demoted, he should definitely get admin back
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(04-14-2018, 01:23 PM)M-E-T-A Wrote:  +support was a great admin before he got demoted, he should definitely get admin back

Op app not admin.
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+vouch get this man back on staff already.
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