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Denied My last admin application
I would like admin on sandbox 
I should be admin because when I am on with no other admin there are a lot of rule breakers.
I do not have any other admin experience other than doing vote bans/kicks on the same server.
I agree to the rules of being admin

This time i actually read them and since my last 1 was never denied/accepted it should not count. 
You already have an invalid, pending, admin application. So why did you make another
[Image: kttcE.gif]
cuz i can so shut ur ass

( i am just pissed at someone rn so srry if this comes off rude)
Seriously you can't keep posting them. One App up at a time.
For the fucking third time, WAIT 1 WEEK, it's only been 5 days! And that's when you made the application! And the other one's still open!? like wtf, are you trying to mess with us? Good luck trying to get a vouch from me when you can't even follow the staff app requirements a fucking third time in a row!?!?

and in case you couldn't tell
Denied. Two applications at once and didn't wait long enough. Don't post again for at least one week.

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