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Upheld base accidently crashes server
Your Steam ID: its logged
Your In-Game Name: [rainbow] [RB] Demonik1
Server you were banned from: Sandbox
When were you banned?: Just now
Who you were banned by?: Saintluther
Why were you banned?: Crashing the server
Why should you be unbanned?:

I was building a base and my base (assuming my stacked props clipping in the world) ended up crashing the server, i should be unbanned because this was a total accident, i have never intentionally ever broken rules on sandbox and this is my first time ever causing something like this to happen.  there is a first time to everything and i should be unbanned
[Image: kttcE.gif]
+vouch he didn't have any intention of crashing the server. it was an accident.
-vouch. Has worse stream than me.
[Image: 9YAsmu1.jpg]
+vouch, I was ingame at the time, and his story is true. He did not mean to crash if he did, because It didn't seem like he did crashed it, so he should be unbanned.
I'm going to be honest I feel like if Saint bans you, odds are the ban will stay. I wasn't there this is a hail marry.
+vouch I was there when he was banned. He was just building a base and had no intention of crashing the server.


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