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Silly Goose Abuses!
Which Server: Garry's Mod - Sandbox
Their Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:235905088
Their Steam Name: Silly Goose {lfg}

Here is Silly Goose putting big plates in the skybox that was blinding everyone's view. He did not do a vote of any kind and people complained and whined.

Here is Silly Goose spamming chat with going into god mode.

Here he put an e2 in a high combat area. It would cause people to get basically trapped, without a way to escape, and then those people would get murdered. There was no warning or anything like that as well.

Here is how it works

Here is what it did

EDIT: that one shows that it is Silly Goose and of course a person responding to it in a negative manner.

and also, I and another sandbox admin talked to him about some of these issues and other stuff with him abusing to give him a chance. He of course abused again, and here we are with this thread, almost as bad and or possibly worse than @Makarov
Your first screenshot doesn't even show @Silly Goose is the one doing it
I have no defense to the first claim other than that I didnt expect the scale multiplier to be so large. I removed the e2 immediatly after it was spawned.
For the second claim, I did spam chat, and it was wrong. I have no defense, I should have muted myself
Me and charlemagne already talked about these offenses, and I briefly spoke to Zytrol about it. It was already resolved prior to the report.

I disagree with the trapping e2;
It was a local area forcefield that me and Tamagotchi were working on. It used a teleportation function to send players back if they came within a small range of the e2. It wasn't designed to trap people since I added a random vector, I probably should have removed it after it started trapping players, but instead I started trying to fix it by increasing the value of the random to prevent it from trapping people. I was working on it with A Strange Tamagotchi Fetish who was around when I fixed it.

I don't think I should be demoted for this since I already spoke to Charlemagne about the first 2 claims, I thought that part was resolved. The e2 that "trapped people" only trapped people within an extremely small range for maybe 5 minutes before I fixed it. I agree that It was abusive, and I should have removed it immediatly instead of trying to fix it. I honestly didn't create the e2 with the intent to trap people. I didn't listen to the user because I assumed he was saying something out of anger, and his story was unbelievable. He said that he had the owner as a friend and said he would message him, less than 10 seconds later he claims that the owner said it wasn't ok, I checked his profile which was private, I checked the forums which didn't show his name. I didn't think he was being honest about it. I'll leave the final decision to SaintLuther, but I disagree.
I talked to Silly multiple times about the trapping e2 and he just yelled at me (i was using my alt) and being toxic. I even told him the owners name and he never bothered to check. Instead he just kept doing it even after I told him about the trapping he made no efforts to fix it, he just said I didn't know the rules.
(05-06-2018, 04:34 PM)Silly Goose Wrote:  It used a teleportation function to send players back if they came within a small range of the e2.

Even if your E2 didn't "trap" players but merely teleported them, it's still clear E2 abuse and you should know that.

Based on that and other acts of abuse you've admitted to, you'll be temporarily demoted for a week which is probably letting you off too easily. If you do any abusing afterwards the demotion will be indefinite.

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