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Official LFG Rules for TTT
Player Rules for TTT
Do not RDM.
Do not Mic Spam.
Do not Cheat, Hack, or exploit the map.
Do not Ghost.
Do not Metagame.
Do not kill stuck players.
Your name must be pronounceable. Random characters or an empty name are not allowed.
You may kill AFK players in overtime.
Do not argue with anybody above your rank.
You may kill someone who calls a KOS on you, unless they are detective. However, if they are innocent, you are KOS.
You may kill players for committing traitorous acts.
Saying someone is the traitor, or "It's .." is the same as calling a KOS.
No working with traitors as innocent, or vice versa.
Do not have a name which misleads players in any way.
Do not change your name mid round except to add tags.
Do not interfere with the current round as a spectator.

Traitorous acts:
Killing an innocent that was not KOS'd.
Shooting at another player that has not been KOS'd.
Telling people you are the T.
Calling a false KOS (KOS must be confirmed to be false).
Pushing another player towards a ledge with a prop or crowbar.
Damaging players with a prop or goomba stomp.
Prop surfing to an otherwise unreachable location and landing there.
Getting to a location that took more than one player's head to jump on.
Breaking a bridge. One plank is enough. Damaging isn't.
Breaking a tester or excessively damaging it.
Disobeying a detective's reasonable orders.
Blocking another person's path (After being warned twice).
Following another player (After being warned twice).
Throwing an incendiary grenade towards players.
Throwing a discombobulator towards players near a ledge.
Having a traitor weapon without announcing that you picked it up from a dead traitor.
Shooting a player's prop they are surfing with.
Walking over an unidentified body, after being told to identify it.

Detective Rules:
Detectives may call a KOS on players who do not obey their reasonable orders after two warnings.
Detectives cannot be KOS'd unless they are RDMing.
Detectives may not command more than 4 people at a time.
Detectives may not issue purposeless orders.
Detectives may not stun players who are not KOS and are unwilling.
Detectives may not use the stun gun to glitch players or exploit the map.
Detectives may call a live check or KOS 2 minutes into the round, or if over half the players are dead.

Traitor Rules:
Killing your teammates is RDM.
You may not delay.
You cannot call KOS on your teammates.
You may call a false KOS on innocents.
You may not remain in the same area for more than one minute when the majority of players are dead.

Innocent Rules:
You may not claim an area. (This should go without saying, as it would be RDM anyways)
Innocents may call a live check or KOS in overtime, but only once per minute, collectively.

Bounty Rules:
Bounties must be done using the !bounty command
RDMing to claim a bounty will result in a slay regardless of whether a report was made or not.
Killing someone with a bounty is never KOSable.
Killing the person who put the bounty on you will never be KOS or RDM.
You will not be slain for putting a bounty on someone.
Fulfilling bounties does not count towards a ban for RDM. (Unless you claimed your own bounty)

Clarification of terms:
RDM - Killing someone on suspicion or for no reason.
Suspicion - You think someone is a T for reasons not listed under "Traitorous Acts".
Ghosting - Using a third party method of communication to reveal details about the game. (Steam Chat, Teamspeak, in person, even psay)
Metagaming - Using someone's typical behavior to determine if they are a traitor or not. You cannot call suspicion or KOS based on this.
Mic Spam - Being annoying on the mic.
Delaying - Not doing anything as a traitor, when you are the last one, for more than 2 minutes.
Reasonable orders - Must be given by a detective, cannot involve harming others or themselves, cannot go against the rules.
Purposeless orders - Orders that do not benefit the detective or players in the investigation or killing of traitors.
KOS - Kill the specified player on sight.
Goomba stomp - Jumping on to another player, causing damage to them.
Exploiting the map - Putting the table in the teleporter on 67th, glitching in to the top story in parking garage, etc.
Blocking - Impeding another players movement or preventing them to go to a room by spamming a door, standing there, or holding a prop in the way.
Warning - Telling a person to not follow or block you. Warnings must have 10 second intervals.
Spamming - Sending mass messages in chat or being loud and/or annoying on mic. Also playing sounds over mic.
Bounty - Offering points to kill someone.
False report - A report made with spam or when the the reporter knows that the attacker is not at fault.
Live Check - A request for players to acknowledge that they are alive, or assumed KOS.
Admin Rules for TTT

All Operators and Admins must follow the TTT Rules stated above as well as these.

Operators and above are not allowed to "make up" or alter rules to benefit themselves.

Any rank is responsible for punishing themselves appropriately if they have violated any of these rules.

Admins and operators may slay players for violating the following rules:
RDM and leave
Calling false KOS
Calling KOS on T buddies
Camping the T room for more than one minute after majority of players are dead. You must warn them prior to slay.
Delaying for more than 2 minutes
Breaking bridges pre round
Breaking the tester pre round
Exploiting the map.
Using black hole grenade on banned maps

Admins and operators may kick player for violating the following rules:
Excessive RDMing
Excessive Spam
Excessively breaking other rules
Harassing Players
Arguing with Admins
False reports or harassment in reports

Admins may ban players at any time for violating the following rules:
Mass RDMing (4 or more in a single map rotation)
Mass False KOS (4 or more false KOSs, resulting in their deaths)
Hacking or Cheating (Anti cheat will do this for you...)
Repeatedly breaking rules they are kicked for

Admins may mute, gimp, or gag players for the following reasons:
Harassing other players
Arguing with you
Spamming chat
Spamming mic

Admins and Operators may not:
Run any command on a player without their consent or reason.
Slay or kick anyone after one minute in to the round.
Spam votes, tsay, csay, etc.

Slaying and banning guidelines:
Leaving after any amount of slays - +1 aslays
1 or 2 RDMs in one round - 1 aslay (2 if they show no regret or spam in the response, optional)
Third RDM when previous two on different round(s) - 2 aslays
3 RDMs in one round - ban for one week
4 RDMs in one map - ban for one week

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