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stevekillerz4 vs zodiac
ok so he has a bind that says i hate steve 2nd he said i dont care about server anymore 3rd ever 1 is against him now 4th i have 3 screenshots 5th he is making fun of me 6th i said my beleifs and bam he wants to rape me. 

Yes Please Ban Vegetabley he was my friend but now i dont like him as much

i forgot steam id is STEAM_0:1:65207834
i did nothing to offend you

you still kept going to

i only have 1 bind too
its i ate steve
ya his used to be i ate steve
wait zodiac is vegetabley i forgot
yes -_-
[Image: 200.gif][Image: giphy.gif]
Threads merged at this point

§aVegetabley"     STEAM_0:1:65207834
"[LFG]stevekillerz4" STEAM_0:0:90657231

stevekillerz4 repeatedley harrassed me and my friends. He discriminated our beliefs in God, and accused us of it. He and ul.tra have been saying things about God not existing. Steve has also been accusing me of doing more things i didnt do. ;-;
lol i have screenshots if u need em ask me

first i said my beleifs i didnt discrimanate do you even know what that means?
(09-12-2015, 11:17 PM)Sonic_Hedgehog3 Wrote:  yes -_-
What's the point of that? Who or what are you agreeing with? Spam.

Also can you show the screen shots?
how do i show screenshots want me to paste em
Find them on your computer, and attach them in a reply.
i sent them on chat box

ya so i have to go somewhhere this is worst timing but ill be offline for a while

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