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[Outdated] Attention LFG Staff
As you may have heard, LFG is equipped with 3 servers and we will be growing!

So as an Advisor I'm asking you to do a few things:

1. Before getting on any particular server, be sure and check out the other ones! I ask this because A: The server may be empty and may just need someone start it up. B: The map itself possibly killed of the server or people are just very not fond of the map itself, thus causing people to leave.

So! If you come across an empty server, go try and populate it! Additionally if the map needs to be changed, well change it! Now of course the last part only applies to people who have the ability to change the map. So for right now this is just aimed at Consultants. If you are not someone with the power to change the map, simply poke a Consultant or higher, and ask for a map change.

Thank you for your time!
Populating a server will be major points towards earning a staff position on said server.
Also thread closed.

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