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Prop Hunt v2
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Our Prop Hunt server have been updated to a more modern version of Prop Hunt. With this update comes some cool new features.
  • Over 200 Taunts
  • Prop Rotation Lock (Enable it with R)
  • A cool Death Screen when you are killed by a Hunter
  • Round Duration set to 4 minutes
  • Maximum map time set to 20 minutes (plus the time it takes to finish current round)
  • Maps can now be extended for another 20 minutes
  • Map Votes can be forced by an Admin if players don't like current map, but rtv is on cooldown (use !fmv)
  • Much better hitboxes
  • Props can't see through walls
If you don't like some of these changes, or want more, please post in the "Server Suggestions" thread.
I hope you enjoy these new changes!

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