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TeamSpeak Rules
1) Do not mic spam unless it is your channel. This means playing music, screaming, sound boards, voice morphs, etc. unless everyone in that channel is ok with it, the majority of people are ok with it (only applies to the room for.. channels), or the owner of that channel is ok with it.
2) Do not record audio with the teamspeak recorder or an external recorder of any sort unless you have informed everyone in that channel and they are OK with it. If someone is not OK with that, refer to conditions above. Even if it is your channel you must still inform people they are being recorded.
3) Do not send graphic images or videos to people before asking them if they desire to receive such content.
4) Do not set your avatar as a graphic image, or display it in your description. Links to graphic images are ok as long as you provide a warning.
5) Graphic images include, but are not limited to: nudity, partial nudity, gore, usually anything furry, weeb, or brony related, or from frozen.
6) Do not spam poke, PM, or chat.
7) Do not link to malicious content such as viruses, exploits, or IP loggers.
8) Do not harass anyone.
9) Do not connect with multiple clients, unless one is your phone for convenience.
10) Do not insult Johnny Rebel, Froggy Fresh, or most of all, The Overlord, in any way.

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