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Gmod Changelog
(05-26-2017, 12:02 PM)WTF-GamerZ Wrote:  @SaintLuther with the permanent gag/mute/bp does the person get notified when they spawn? "You are permanently w/e please visit to appeal"

No, but it could be added.

(05-26-2017, 04:08 PM)Tobi Uchiha Wrote:  Is chatbox broken, or does everyone see this? I am not sure but is it fixable? I cant get picture to work so, does everyone see like a bunch of errors or "t's" going diagonal?

wtf are you talking about?

(05-26-2017, 06:50 PM)Creeper Wrote:  Hey Saint quick question.
How will the ball pit work on jailbreak?

How should it work?
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(05-26-2017, 09:17 PM)SaintLuther Wrote:  How should it work?

Well I was wondering about guards, since that could be a problem. Maybe make ball pit also ban them from either being warden or guard?
[Image: XNyc9I4.png]

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5/29/17 - Chatbox Changes
  • Links are no longer censored for any rank
  • Chat censor is uniform across all ranks
  • Colors work the same on all servers
  • The :3 face is now :-3 to prevent faces in Steam IDs

This took a bit of work to undo a lot of the changes the creator made about a year ago which made it difficult to change settings. It finally works the way it did back in 2015/Early 2016.
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So how can I add colors to my name? (Purple plz)
[Image: yKWireX.png]
[Image: 0T19pBI.png]
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(05-29-2017, 10:11 PM)RespectGiovanni Wrote:  So how can I add colors to my name? (Purple plz)

The only way to do it currently is to put the color tags in your Steam name. Purple is §5
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5/30/17 - SourceBan/Anti-Cheat Changes

Several changes have been made to SourceBan and Anti-Cheat. This shouldn't really affect players and is mainly back-end changes.
  • Ban reasons, enforced detections, etc. are uniform across all servers (previously hit and miss especially if I forgot to configure)
  • Players who are Steam sharing with a banned user are kicked (not new, just improved)
  • Players who are Steam sharing with a SourceBanned user are also SourceBanned (not new, just improved)
  • Players with the same IP as a SourceBanned user are also SourceBanned (not new, just improved)
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6/1/17 - Mapvote fixes

Finally after ages we have some fixes for the mapvote:
  • There should no longer be errors spewn out when someone who has voted for a map or RTV leaves
  • Player icons don't disappear when voting
  • Map icons don't turn into errors when you hover over them

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6/9/17 - Crash Screen/PointShop Changes/Quick Join Commands

All servers now have the auto reconnect crash screen that Sandbox, TTT, and some other servers had. This will ensure you will be automatically reconnected once the server has finished restarting after a crash or a planned restart.

PointShop now properly hides items that are specific to gamemodes when being viewed on a different gamemode. For example, Dual Berettas will not be shown on any PointShop other than on TTT.

Quick command aliases have been added to the Server List to make connecting to our servers much faster and easier. These commands will work while in game or at the initial menu.
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6/14/17 - Playermodel Downloads/Ads/New Uber perk

Playermodel Downloads
Players who join the server and do not have automatic playermodel downloads enabled will now automatically download playermodels that are currently equipped by players on the server. This should prevent new players from ever seeing a playermodel error unless they are looking in the pointshop. If a new player joins with a playermodel that they don't have downloaded, then that model will also be automatically downloaded for them.

Ads have been disabled on all Gmod servers temporarily to encourage population growth.

New Uber Perk
Uber Donators now have access to the [rainbow] tag in the chatbox on gmod servers.
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Ads have been disabled on all Gmod servers temporarily to encourage population growth.

are you kidding someone legit just donated to me so i could get rid of ads

welp time to kms
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